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Our Process

Kick back and relax while we Unfuk Your Credit©

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Upon receipt of your credit reports we will conduct a video or phone call with you to go through your credit report line-by-line note and present the list of items we have identified as dispute candidates for your review.  At this time we will review our programs and recommend what program best suits your credit needs. 


Once we have reviewed your credit report with you, we will create a customized plan and go over your goals with you. We will give you a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. Through your personal client portal we will identify negative, inaccurate, and outdated items that are reporting. We develop an effective strategy that sets you on the quickest path to reach your goals.  


This is where it's critical to have experts on your side.  We interact on your behalf with credit reporting agencies, collection agencies and creditors to challenge, remove or correct the inaccurate negative items on your report. During the process you will have access to your secure client portal. Your portal contains a personal online dashboard, score tracker, tips, tools, as well as email alerts from the credit monitoring system

Get Results 

After the disputes are sent, we must wait 35-40 days for them to respond. The process takes time, so it requires patience. We pull your report every 35 days, once reviewed your credit specialist will schedule a call with you to discuss the results and the next step. 

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