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About the Credit Babes

Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering simple and straightforward credit and financial knowledge. The complimentary Financial Analysis will instantly pair you with the perfect credit and financial solution tailored to your specific needs.

We make this attainable by providing you with a the best credit specialists in the industry. They will provide  a strategic credit, financial plan, 24-hour credit monitoring and above all Peace of Mind. Our goal is to coach and educate you, while providing you with the tools to obtain outstanding generational credit and the financial freedom you and your family deserve.

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Why choose us?

Unfuk Your Credit was founded in 2020. Founder, Marilena EchoHawk's knowledge of the credit industry and finance industry, paired with her passion to help her clients, is second to none.  She establishes one-on-one relationships with her clients,  evaluates each unique credit report and guides her clients to the quickest and most effective path to get to their financial goals.


Our mission: process all of our clients personally, helping clients nationwide.  We guarantee honesty and dependability; Our integrity is only rivaled by our hunger to get you to the finish line. Immediately taking action together we can get your credit restored. By maintaining transparency and accountability we pride ourselves on delivering results and never losing sight of your needs.

Credit repair firms cannot do anything that you couldn't do yourself, but we can help you to achieve results in a fraction of the time without making costly errors. 

Other companies in our industry often thrive on automation and electronic client correspondence soley. We believe credit to be unique to each and every client, thus our service department is here in person to answer your questions. Our highly effective and efficient team of specialists are here to help you every step of the way. They can help you understand the inner workings of your situation and what needs to take place to improve it.

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