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How much will credit repair cost me? 

Unfuk Your Credit affordable programs for restoring your credit and consulting services to fit each clients specific needs. We offer a free credit analysis consultation, this is where we can decide what program best works for you.

Is there a guarantee with Unfuk Your Credit?

Unfortunately, credit repair is never guaranteed. What we do guarantee is, we will do everything in our power, with the knowledge and expertise we have to help you achieve an accurate and substantiated credit report, in an efficient way and timely manner. 

Why do I need to sign an agreement?

By law we must have you sign a client agreement in order for us to work on your credit. 

How long will this process take?

We cannot guarantee a time frame. It does take time so patience is necessary.

I was quoted a much less price at another credit repair company?

Be wary of any companies that provide a price prior to reviewing your credit report. Please be advised that this is a red flag. Each individual’s credit information is unique and should be thoroughly reviewed to have an understanding of what each individual’s needs are. Companies that provide a price prior to a review are making an uneducated guess. Also, beware of companies that may charge a smaller fee but require you to stay in the program for a longer duration of time, thus stretching your price out.

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